Adopting A Border Collie – What You Need To Know

So, now you’ve decided to Adopting A Border Collie. How much can you expect from a border collie? A Border collie is not your ordinary dog. In fact, they are not cuddly little lap dogs at all. When not well-cared for and given the right outlet, their wild and mischievous nature will result in unacceptable and destructive behavior ranging from incessant barking, chasing cars, and stealing food to attacking and injuring people.

As an example of the negative consequences of owning a border collie, consider how much time and effort it takes to train a dog to behave properly. While they are easy to train, they will eventually rebel. If the owner isn’t prepared or willing to take the time to properly train their border collie, they will quickly be exhibiting the destructive behaviors again. You will also need to ensure that your border collie receives plenty of exercise, whether you’re walking them on a leash or if you want them to run outside. Excessive barking and other negative behaviors such as biting and nipping will likely be a problem if you don’t provide ample playtime and activity. Finally, because they are such a stubborn breed, if you let them out to do a few too many things, they will become bored and frustrated.
While a border collie might be very attractive to some people, especially females, they are certainly not the best choice for small children and elderly adults. Because of their size, a border collie is also not a good choice for families with older children. It’s worth noting, however, that because they tend to be naturally aggressive toward strangers and other dogs, they may actually be a good fit for households with younger children.